Flat Sharing Hacks You Should Know in Manchester

For many people, particularly university students, living with someone else presents an exciting opportunity to make new friends. Unfortunately, there is a whole lot of problems that come with flat sharing in Manchester. From kitchen sink dramas to untimely payment of bills and obscenely loud speakers, every house share experiences at least a few of these problems. Thankfully, we have compiled a list of hacks that you should know.

Consider your options when choosing who to live with

Living with someone can be great when you want a binge watching partner or a shoulder to cry on. It can also be difficult when you need some alone time or to escape the monotonous environment. Making friends outside your house and mixing with other people can provide a much needed balance.

Shop for essentials as a group

Shopping on an individual basis leads to overspending and more waste as compared to shopping as a group. Order everything that’s needed for meals and split the bill across the house. Do the same when shopping for other essentials like cleaning supplies and toiletries. You will save a ton of money and minimize waste.

Split the bills equally

Bills have to be paid each month and the best way to ensure that this is done fairly is to split them equally among everybody. Estimate the monthly cost of utility bills, rent etc. and find a way to share them equally with your roommate. You can opt to open a joint bank account or choose a designated bill payer to handle the payments via direct deposit.

Choose the number of housemates carefully

While there isn’t an ideal number of people to live with, it’s important that you consider a few factors when making a decision. For instance, the living room can get lonely if living alone. Groups of two can easily create a sense of dependency while three roommates may result in a feeling of two ganging up against the remaining tenant. Mixed groups of more than three offer a mix of personalities and work best.

Enjoy your personal space

Just because you live with someone doesn’t mean that you don’t get to enjoy some alone time. You don’t have to spend all your time with your roommate. Hanging out in your room can be just as fun, especially when other people’s habits start to annoy you. Just remember that everyone is different  so don’t just those who spend more time on their own than you do. Flatshare Manchester might be for people on budget but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality.


How Joining Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce Increases Your Business’ Networking Opportunities

Positive networking has several benefits. It works and produces stunning results for businesses. If your business has never enjoyed the benefit of positive networking, then it may be time to join Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce. Membership to the chamber gives you the kind of exposure that can take your business to the next level.

How does this work?

Better Connections

Throughout the years, Chambers of Commerce all over the world have won recognition for their effectiveness at networking organizations. That is the case with the one at Kennebec Valley too. They provide businesses with the chance to connect. These organizations take deliberate measures to allow members to connect by:

  1. Allowing members to develop on-going relationships among themselves
  2. Create awareness regarding each member’s products and services
  3. Use the products and services each member sells
  4. Giving members opportunities to generate and exchange leads

The Chambers of Commerce are also renowned for connecting professionals with other professionals. They create leads groups that allow professionals to meet, network and do business together. It brings people in the same industry together. It puts business owners under the same roof to network, share ideas and experiences, and trade.

Expos and Conventions

The Kennebec Valley Chambers of Commerce organizes several expos and conventions too. The shows come with a few risks but the benefits make them worthwhile. Customers show up at the expos and conventions in large numbers. With these numbers, businesses can then market and sell their products and services.

At the expos and conventions, businesses also get the chance to network.

Expos and conventions don‘t just create a platform for businesses to find clients only.

These trade shows enable businesses to undertake product testing. They also carry out market testing to discover whether clients are ready to embrace the new products and services. The testing offers businesses a chance to learn more about what the industry thinks about their yet-to-be-launched stuff.

Members Prioritized

Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce gives its members priority on certain matters. For example, members get priority to access booths at the expos ahead of non-members. What is more, booth access often comes with some great discounts; hence, giving the members a double benefits.

First, they are guaranteed booths from which they can sell or market.

Two, they get the chance to save money by paying discounted rates.

Therefore, join the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce if you’re not a member already. Use your membership to network with fellow professionals in the region. Use the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from others, especially business owners who have been in the industry for years.


Top Survival Tips for a London Tenant

It is no secret that rets across the UK are getting prohibitive (an average of £930/month), but the cost is getting wondrously expensive in London (an average of £1,590/month). If you are a Londoner tenant just getting by, you need a few survival tips to live in this city. From getting affordable flatshare to saving on groceries to getting affordable tenancy cleaning London services. Follow a few of these tips to make your stay as a tenant as a London more comfortable.

Get free stuff

If you are a student, or just starting out on your own, you will find that furnishing your house is quite a significant bill. Buying second-hand items is a good alternative. Even better is getting common items for free. Check out internet recycle sites like Freegle. There are surprisingly good quality items that turn up from time to tie.

Get better credit ratings from your rent

There is little you can do these days when your credit rating is low. You can improve credit ratings by paying your rent early. Sign up on the Rent Exchange scheme which will keep track of what you are supposed to pay and how you pay. This is a good way to improve your credit rating quickly and access to more financing.

Save on rent by becoming a property guardian

You can watch over empty property and significantly pay less or live for free. There are more opportunities in the suburbs especially in summer when families are away on holidays. You can also become a guardian for a commercial property, if the building has living quarters for a caretaker. You can save much on rent as rents are £300-400.

Vet your flatshare arrangement

If you are to live in a flatshare, be careful of the people you are to live with:

  • Ask what they do
  • Ask about sharing of common bills
  • Ask about common house chores
  • Ask about guests and pets policy

Use technology to keep track of your bills

It is a bit tedious to keep track of different bills, especially when living in a flatshare. There are different apps you can use to split your bills and track payments, for example, Acasa app.

Know your rights

Read your tenancy agreement carefully when moving in, as well as the common law regarding tenancy rights, for example, on eviction or property inspection.

Get your deposit back

The surest way to getting your tenancy deposit back is by using end of tenancy cleaning London services so that the job is done first time right.


What Makes Your End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices High?

Are you thinking of engaging a cleaning service to do your end of tenancy cleaning but shying away from the fear of the high end of tenancy cleaning prices? This should not always be the case. There are numerous cleaning services, so getting a friendly price should not be difficult. Your end of tenancy cleaning prices may be high because you make several mistakes when engaging the cleaning service. What are some of these issues that can make you end up paying more?

No price quotes

Engaging the first cleaning service you come across limits your allowance for price comparison. You will not know whether the price quoted by the cleaning service is friendly or not. Always try to get at least 3 different quotes for comparison.

Do not get price quotes over the phone. Sales reps will always give ridiculously low price quotes over the phone to reel you in, but these price quotes are rife with hidden charges.  Always collect the price quote physically, or on email so that you can scrutinize the costs.

When comparing the price quotes, it is not always the lowest price quote that is the best. Look at the whole package. One service maybe charging more but offer better value, for example, mowing the grass as a discounted service.

Unclear scope of work

Some people make the mistake of making a general order for the cleaning. What tasks is the cleaning service expected to handle? Without a clearly defined scope of work, the cleaning service will handle the cleaning at their discretion. This means they can say that some tasks are additional and will cost extra. You should clearly outline these tasks and put them on a task list for the cleaning service crew to follow.

Handling the purchases

It is easy to think that end of tenancy cleaning prices will be lower when you do purchases for cleaning materials or hire the equipment. This is not only time wasting, but will also add to your total bill. The cleaning crew might find some of the equipment or material unsuitable necessitating more purchases. Engage the cleaning service as a whole package of labor, equipment and cleaning materials.

Failing to negotiate properly

There are many cleaning services looking for work. They are open for price negotiation as long as they have reasonable margins. Do not be afraid to negotiate hard for a discount.

It is easy to get friendly end of tenancy cleaning prices with the tips above. Remember, it is better to spend money on a professional cleaning service than doing it wrong and having to repeat.


8 Must-Attend Events Organized by Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce [2018 Edition]

If you live, play, work or just visiting Kennebec Valley this year, you’re in for a special treat. That’s right; Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce has a sizzling lineup of events that’ll knock your socks off. From women’s luncheons and family festivals to music concerts and sports tourneys, there’s something for everyone!

In this post, we’ve picked only the 8 best highlights of this year’s events calendar. Read on to find out what’s in store for you.

But, first … a bit about KV Chamber of Commerce:

Established in 1932, the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce has more than 700 member organizations and businesses. It plays a critical role in the business community and the driving force behind several developments in the vibrant region of Kennebec Valley. As such, KV Chamber of Commerce offers a wide array of services to only its members, but also the community at large.

These include providing legislative support, fostering economic development, creating business and professional networking opportunities, and organizing educational seminars and, most importantly, a raft of sizzling community events.

Chamber Connection — Series 2018

If you are looking to connect with industry thought leaders, learn the ins and outs today’s business world or just need to draw business inspiration, Chamber Connection is for you. It’s a monthly networking event that brings together several different keynote speakers, food and refreshments like never before. Attend one of the morning, afternoon or evening sessions – you’ll be glad you did.

Women’s Network Luncheon

Organized by Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Network Luncheon is yet another fabulous networking event that’s all about business and building relationships. Don’t miss this event every other second Wednesday to cultivate leadership skills, hear topical speakers, and take your business relationships to the next level.

The Kenney Awards

The Kenney Awards is held every year by Kennebec Chamber of Commerce to celebrate businesses, professionals, and individuals who are worthy of recognition.

Whatever Family Festival

Round up your family, friends, and colleagues for an unforgettable two weeks of fun, sports, tournaments, food, drinks, and all goodies the mighty Kennebec Valley River has to offer. Mark your calendars: June 13th through July 4th.

The Great Race

If you’re a fan of vintage car races, the Great Race is a must-see. It’s part of the annual Hemming Motor News Great Race. The race will commence on June 23 in Buffalo, New York.

KLI Golf Tournament

On July 9, all road lead to Augusta Country Club for the KLI Golf Tournament, proudly presented by the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce. All proceeds go to the betterment of Kennebec Leadership Institute.

Business Expo 2018 – October

Here’s a networking event that’ll help you grow your business, share ideas with like-minded individuals, and enjoy lots of food and drinks.

Ribbon Cuttings

Be the first to welcome new professionals and businesses to Kennebec Valley region. Ribbon Cuttings are held throughout the year.


Let’s Build Kennebec Valley Together: The Benefits of Joining Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce

If you are a business or an organization in the Kennebec Valley region, being a member of Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce is a no-brainer. Sure, your business schedule is hectic enough. So, why gain membership and actively participate in your local Chamber? Because it comes with plenty of benefits for your business, of course.

Herein, we’ll walk you through top 10 reasons why becoming a member of KV Chamber of Commerce makes business sense.

#1. Membership Adds Credibility to Your Business

In the digital era, your business credibility and public image make all the difference. By being identified as a member of Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce, you’ll up positive perception among not only your business peers but also consumers.

#2. Increase Business Referrals and Lead Generation

Whenever customers ask about specific services in the area, the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce will refer them to you. That’s more foot traffic and more sales for your business.

#3. B2B Opportunities

As you might already know, Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce organizes a slew of business events year-round. Oftentimes that means that you get to connect with the who is who of the business community in the region.

#4. Free Radio Ads!

Yay! When you join the Chamber, you will be offered $600 of radio ads on Crusin’ 93.5. With such ad space, you can reach out to your potential customers without spending a penny.

#5. Gain More Exposure

For starters, all your newsletter, brochures, and other business literature will be available to customers from the Chamber’s lobby. More than that, as a member of Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce, you’ll have a custom profile on the website and Facebook page.

#6. Ribbon Cuttings

Get your business off the ground on the right foot. With a Ribbon Cutting event, you’ll get to introduced to officials, potential customers, and other professionals in the area.

#7. Host a Chamber Event

Bring together several different businesses, entrepreneurs, citizens, professionals, leaders, educators, leaders, and volunteers dedicated to making Kennebec Valley successful.

#8. Expand Your Reach

KV Chamber of Commerce membership allows you to expand your professional network, brand recognition, leadership roles through volunteer & committees opportunities, and local target audience reach with advertising.

#9. Unlimited Resource

Stay on top of what’s happening in the business community by receiving the monthly newsletter, the local calendar of events, and vital emails directly from the Chamber.

#10. Legislative Support

Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce is your knight in shining armor when it comes to fighting for legislation that positively influences the business environment in the region.