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Rivers have been the main source of survival of humankind since beginning of time. Those who represent humankind these days in Maine are not that far from those days. There’s one river in Maine that flows naturally into that category. That river is known as The Kennebec River, its 170 miles long, rising from Moosehead Lake and cascading – in some places rollicking – to the Atlantic Ocean. Its a magnificent river thats been there for many centuries. Local people cherish this precious natural gem that’s been the pride for long time. Surely, its worth a visit.

And also to mention the fact that where there’s a river you could also find a valley. This valley is one of the most spectacular. Its called Kennebec Valley. The valley is covering more than 5,000 miles in the north-south region of Maine. You will have to experience yourself the sheer beauty of this place as its difficult to describe. If you are after creating some long term memories you have come to the right place.