Let’s Build Kennebec Valley Together: The Benefits of Joining Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce

If you are a business or an organization in the Kennebec Valley region, being a member of Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce is a no-brainer. Sure, your business schedule is hectic enough. So, why gain membership and actively participate in your local Chamber? Because it comes with plenty of benefits for your business, of course.

Herein, we’ll walk you through top 10 reasons why becoming a member of KV Chamber of Commerce makes business sense.

#1. Membership Adds Credibility to Your Business

In the digital era, your business credibility and public image make all the difference. By being identified as a member of Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce, you’ll up positive perception among not only your business peers but also consumers.

#2. Increase Business Referrals and Lead Generation

Whenever customers ask about specific services in the area, the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce will refer them to you. That’s more foot traffic and more sales for your business.

#3. B2B Opportunities

As you might already know, Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce organizes a slew of business events year-round. Oftentimes that means that you get to connect with the who is who of the business community in the region.

#4. Free Radio Ads!

Yay! When you join the Chamber, you will be offered $600 of radio ads on Crusin’ 93.5. With such ad space, you can reach out to your potential customers without spending a penny.

#5. Gain More Exposure

For starters, all your newsletter, brochures, and other business literature will be available to customers from the Chamber’s lobby. More than that, as a member of Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce, you’ll have a custom profile on the website and Facebook page.

#6. Ribbon Cuttings

Get your business off the ground on the right foot. With a Ribbon Cutting event, you’ll get to introduced to officials, potential customers, and other professionals in the area.

#7. Host a Chamber Event

Bring together several different businesses, entrepreneurs, citizens, professionals, leaders, educators, leaders, and volunteers dedicated to making Kennebec Valley successful.

#8. Expand Your Reach

KV Chamber of Commerce membership allows you to expand your professional network, brand recognition, leadership roles through volunteer & committees opportunities, and local target audience reach with advertising.

#9. Unlimited Resource

Stay on top of what’s happening in the business community by receiving the monthly newsletter, the local calendar of events, and vital emails directly from the Chamber.

#10. Legislative Support

Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce is your knight in shining armor when it comes to fighting for legislation that positively influences the business environment in the region.


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