What Makes Your End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices High?

Are you thinking of engaging a cleaning service to do your end of tenancy cleaning but shying away from the fear of the high end of tenancy cleaning prices? This should not always be the case. There are numerous cleaning services, so getting a friendly price should not be difficult. Your end of tenancy cleaning prices may be high because you make several mistakes when engaging the cleaning service. What are some of these issues that can make you end up paying more?

No price quotes

Engaging the first cleaning service you come across limits your allowance for price comparison. You will not know whether the price quoted by the cleaning service is friendly or not. Always try to get at least 3 different quotes for comparison.

Do not get price quotes over the phone. Sales reps will always give ridiculously low price quotes over the phone to reel you in, but these price quotes are rife with hidden charges.  Always collect the price quote physically, or on email so that you can scrutinize the costs.

When comparing the price quotes, it is not always the lowest price quote that is the best. Look at the whole package. One service maybe charging more but offer better value, for example, mowing the grass as a discounted service.

Unclear scope of work

Some people make the mistake of making a general order for the cleaning. What tasks is the cleaning service expected to handle? Without a clearly defined scope of work, the cleaning service will handle the cleaning at their discretion. This means they can say that some tasks are additional and will cost extra. You should clearly outline these tasks and put them on a task list for the cleaning service crew to follow.

Handling the purchases

It is easy to think that end of tenancy cleaning prices will be lower when you do purchases for cleaning materials or hire the equipment. This is not only time wasting, but will also add to your total bill. The cleaning crew might find some of the equipment or material unsuitable necessitating more purchases. Engage the cleaning service as a whole package of labor, equipment and cleaning materials.

Failing to negotiate properly

There are many cleaning services looking for work. They are open for price negotiation as long as they have reasonable margins. Do not be afraid to negotiate hard for a discount.

It is easy to get friendly end of tenancy cleaning prices with the tips above. Remember, it is better to spend money on a professional cleaning service than doing it wrong and having to repeat.


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