Top Survival Tips for a London Tenant

It is no secret that rets across the UK are getting prohibitive (an average of £930/month), but the cost is getting wondrously expensive in London (an average of £1,590/month). If you are a Londoner tenant just getting by, you need a few survival tips to live in this city. From getting affordable flatshare to saving on groceries to getting affordable tenancy cleaning London services. Follow a few of these tips to make your stay as a tenant as a London more comfortable.

Get free stuff

If you are a student, or just starting out on your own, you will find that furnishing your house is quite a significant bill. Buying second-hand items is a good alternative. Even better is getting common items for free. Check out internet recycle sites like Freegle. There are surprisingly good quality items that turn up from time to tie.

Get better credit ratings from your rent

There is little you can do these days when your credit rating is low. You can improve credit ratings by paying your rent early. Sign up on the Rent Exchange scheme which will keep track of what you are supposed to pay and how you pay. This is a good way to improve your credit rating quickly and access to more financing.

Save on rent by becoming a property guardian

You can watch over empty property and significantly pay less or live for free. There are more opportunities in the suburbs especially in summer when families are away on holidays. You can also become a guardian for a commercial property, if the building has living quarters for a caretaker. You can save much on rent as rents are £300-400.

Vet your flatshare arrangement

If you are to live in a flatshare, be careful of the people you are to live with:

  • Ask what they do
  • Ask about sharing of common bills
  • Ask about common house chores
  • Ask about guests and pets policy

Use technology to keep track of your bills

It is a bit tedious to keep track of different bills, especially when living in a flatshare. There are different apps you can use to split your bills and track payments, for example, Acasa app.

Know your rights

Read your tenancy agreement carefully when moving in, as well as the common law regarding tenancy rights, for example, on eviction or property inspection.

Get your deposit back

The surest way to getting your tenancy deposit back is by using end of tenancy cleaning London services so that the job is done first time right.


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